An Open Invitation to Publish with The Tiger Times

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Next year is coming quickly. There is a class, usually ninth period, with Mr. Houp that I think you should take. This class is journalism.

Journalism is in the communications field, and it involves the act of reporting the news.

Journalism is really cool because you can report on anything you want as long as it is true. False information and plagiarism are the only two things you are not allowed to do.

Most of the course is devoted to completing writing cycles. A writing cycle is typically one week, give or take. During this time you propose an article, acquire information about your article, such as getting quotes, then write your article. This sounds really dull and boring, but it is actually pretty fun.

“I like journalism because it is an easy elective, not too hard, and overall a great class,” Kyle Flannery, a sophomore copyeditor for The Tiger Times, said.

If you join this class, the newspaper you will be writing for is The Tiger Times. Newspapers are actually printed in this class for the entire school. Articles that are not printed in the newspapers are published on The Tiger Times website.

“I would suggest taking journalism because it is a great way to work on your writing skills and partake in the power of media,” instructor Zachary Houp said.

This is very true. Journalism will improve your writing skills because you get practice writing articles all year.  Areas that were faulty before will be mastered by the end of the year.

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