Chelsea wins UEFA Championship

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“It was the best footballing of my life,” Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard said.

Lampard, 33, took part in helping Chelsea conquer German giants Bayern Munich in the final leg of the UEFA Champions League.

It was indeed a final to remember, as Chelsea’s luck was about to expire due to Thomas Muller netting a header right above Chelsea Keeper Peter Cech in the 83rd minute of the match. As Chelsea fans were fearing a loss, a hero emerged at the perfect time of the match. His name was Didier Drogba, and thanks to him Chelsea was able to score 4 minutes later to even the game out.

“If you would have asked me three months ago if we would win this competition, I would have laughed. But we have done it. The key players have been there a long time and we want to win, we are determined to win, in the dressing room we have a tough group,” Lampard said after the UEFA final results.

As Chelsea’s season in the English Premier League proved to be a rocky one, they were the underdogs in the match, as Bayern showed a bright, talented, and young team this year. In fact, both teams failed to take their own league’s title. Nonetheless, Chelsea proved that they did indeed deserve to be finalists as they were able to shut down Bayern Munich and eventually win in a penalty shoot-out.

“It was one of the greatest games I’ve ever watched. Drogba is the man,” Chelsea fan senior Dan McMullen said. “The way they came back and won shows what soccer is really about.”

Because Chelsea FC claimed the title of UEFA champions, they automatically qualify to compete in next year’s competition. As the EPL has already finished, summer transfers will start up soon and Chelsea may bring in new young stars to help protect the title.

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