NATO Summit Faces Protests in Chicago

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In May, the yearly NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Summit was held in Chicago. The summit was met with mass protests from thousands of people. These protests gained a lot of attention during the following weeks they occurred.

But what is NATO, anyways?

NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was formed in 1949. The organization was based on the North Atlantic Treaty, which was also signed in 1949. The nations who are members of NATO (including the United States) are part of a global military alliance.
Some of the nations who are members are the United States, Canada, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The organization has a total of 28 countries who are members. The group’s headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium.

One of the major questions surrounding these protests is why exactly people were protesting in the first place. The answer is still not clear. There have been as many reasons for the protests as there were protesters, it seemed.

It seemed that the largest amount of protesters were there to voice their displeasure about war. Others were protesting in hopes of seeing NATO dissolve entirely. There were also protesters there to express their views on the economy, global warming, and other things.

A large amount of the controversy coming from these protests has been the actions of the protestors themselves. Many protest groups, including the revolutionary protest group Black Bloc, have been involved in violent actions, including clashes with police forces. Several were arrested during the events.

The protests at the NATO rally have been compared to events such as Occupy Wall Street and various other political protests that have occurred over the last several years. The NATO summit went on as planned, but one cannot deny the impact these protesters made, as they showed they would no longer stand for the problems in this world.

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