Memphis May Fire Album Fails to Kindle

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After forming in 2006 with the original name of Oh Captain My Captain, Dallas’s own Memphis May Fire has been making noise at whatever venue it plays. Their newest album, on the other hand, is a bland, empty shell of what the band used to be.

Challenger, the band’s third album, was released on 26 June, selling more than 18,000 copies in the first week. The album starts out well enough with “Without Walls,” a generic one-dimensional song about how they’re not generic–the irony is ripe.

It’s followed up with almost the same song–“Alive in the Lights”–with the exact same message.

“Prove Me Right” is the next song about the feeling of betrayal from their previous record company, Trustkill Records. The song’s original message is very strong but is bogged down by the bland instruments and boring editing.

The rest of the songs blend seamlessly together into an amalgamation of bland, generic-core style. The only exception is the song “Miles Away,” the saving grace of this album. It’s written from the perspective of the lead singer about the loneliness both he and his wife feel when he is out on tour with the band. The singer tries to replicate the love he feels at home with the love the fans give him, but it’s not enough, so he asks, “God give me the strength to do, what you created me to do.” The song also benefits from having guest vocals by Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens.

Although this song is a great song with a true emotional message, it is drowned out by the surrounding songs.  As the saying goes, “One good soldier does not an army make.”

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