Fleetwood Grille a Pinch Shy of Perfection

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“Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea.” ~ Pythagoras.

The Fleetwood Grille is a fairly new restaurant located in the back of Fleetwood’s own Simmeria. It is based on a key point in Fleetwood’s history, the Fleetwood Cadillac.                                                                        

There are only twenty-six stools in this small yet cozy bar, but the restaurant has a much larger area to eat outside.

Browsing through the menu, I found the food served here is not traditional bar chow. It includes vegetarian Portobello burgers; an entire marinated Portobello mushroom, with melted cheese, roasted red peppers, and a small salad, with tomatoes underneath, all engulfed by a large Kaiser bun and a side of fries. The burger smelled great and was quite enjoyable to eat after I added a pinch of much-needed salt.  

When I took my first bite of this new experience, the mushroom was firm and quite messy to eat. Most of the flavor was in the marinade itself. After the mushroom was demolished, all that was left was the bun. The soft fluffy bun was able to soak up all of the leftover marinade.

After completion of the filling burger, the large proportion of fries was next. The fries were extremely greasy, making them less crispy than some other fries I have ordered. On the plus side, the fries are cut in house, making them something different from most bars in the area. Even though the fries are made at the Fleetwood Grille, I would rather have the more traditional processed variety; I was only able to eat the fries after adding salt and ketchup.

Overall, the Fleetwood Grille is a great idea as an extension of Simmeria, but it remains insufficiently executed.

This was not my first, nor will it be my last trip to the Fleetwood Grille. I still believe this establishment will continue to grow and improve on its menu.

The food itself is reasonably priced at twelve dollars and seventy-two cents for my burger. I give my experience 4.5 gnomes out of 10.

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