Hilbert and Co. Paint The Town Red and White

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Saturday, 22 September, Fleetwood students, art teacher Elaine Hilbert, and English teacher Karen Sahaydak were involved in painting downtown Fleetwood.

Sahaydak came to Hilbert, and asked if she would help out with this homecoming tradition in the making.

Students from Hilbert’s class were offered a free homework pass, but some students helped well beyond the proffered reward to accomplish the task on such short notice.

Hilbert wanted to show her respect for Sahaydak and the Fleetwood Area High School, and in doing so she knew she had to take part in this unique new project.

Students painted nine businesses and 50 windows, but during the busy planning, organizers missed one business, which had to be painted the following Monday.

Susquehanna bank granted participants one parking spot, which was a staging area and meeting point. Special paint markers were used to complete this task.

One window was rudely vandalized the day after painting, but this did little to diminish the spirit of the community.

“Immediately people started saying positive things about our work.  I think it set the atmosphere of positivity for the following homecoming events,” Hilbert said.

The homecoming committee says this will be a recurring tradition at Fleetwood.

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