FAHS Oktoberfest Celebrates 200-Year Tradition

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Oktoberfest is one of the biggest festivals on the face of the planet. The 16-day celebration in Munich, Germany, draws six million people yearly, 18% of whom are foreigners.

A similar celebration commenced in FAHS German classes on Friday, 28 September. While obviously not as big as the real deal, the festivities still offered students an opportunity to experience German culture as well as to try some delicious German food.

Frau Christine Moll initiated the celebration, bringing in several authentic German foods for her classes. She also donned traditional German garb and even sported pigtails.

The actual celebration ended on 7 October. Beer may be the main allure in Germany, but it is not the only aspect of the celebration that draws people from all over the world. Attractions such as theme park rides and other food stands appeal to a younger crowd and offer a more family-friendly environment for those below drinking age.

Oktoberfest has maintained cultural importance throughout the twentieth century. The first festival was held on 12 October, 1810. Throughout its long and storied history, it has not only become a cultural landmark for Munich, Germany, but also a world-renowned festival where millions of people from around the world come together to celebrate.

Of course the FASD celebration had no liquids of the alcoholic variety. Instead, Frau Moll brought in German bread, various meats, pretzels, and cookies.

Students enjoyed the various foods as well as the experience.

“The food was surprisingly really good,” sophomore Alex Remaley said.

“Es ist Lecker!” Junior Arturo Castillo said, showing off his intricate German vocabulary. (It means it was delicious.)

Not only did Fleetwood have a special Oktoberfest celebration, but Berks County holds its own Oktoberfest festival, and students attended it on 14 October after school with Frau Moll.

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