FAHS Re-Elects Obama Too

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Tuesday, 6 November, 2012, was an important day for all Americans, and FAHS students weren’t left out.

Everyone age eighteen or older could participate in picking the next leader of America. Unfortunately, most students at Fleetwood Area High School could not participate because they were not of age; however, FAHS held its own mock election to see how students would have chosen their political leaders.

This election was set up so that each social studies class was a “state.” Each social studies class was assigned to a state with electoral votes corresponding to the amount of students in each class. Smaller classes were assigned states with fewer electoral votes, and bigger classes were assigned states with more electoral votes. Students went to the library to vote. The library was decked out for Election Day.

“It went like clockwork,” election organizer and librarian Kirby Barnett said.

As for the results, Obama won both the actual and mock election.  In the actual election, 51% of voters voted for Obama, as opposed to the 41% who voted for Romney.  In the school election, 59% of students voted for Obama, as opposed to the 41% who voted for Romney.

Fleetwood senior Desirae Lesher voted for Obama because she likes Obama’s views on issues. She specifically likes his pro-choice policy ideas and his acceptance of gay marriage.

“I feel comfortable, safe, and I hope Obama will lead our country to prosperity,” Lesher said about Obama’s re-election.

Fleetwood senior Elizabeth Jones voted for Romney because she feels he had a sound plan for leading the nation, and she liked  his experience in economics.

“I am scared for our nation’s future, and I am worried about the deficit,” Jones said.

An interesting outcome of the mock election was that some social studies classes that were tied!  Approximately seven classes were split 50/50 on Romney and Obama.

As for the elections of other officers, the mock election and the real election only differed on two positions. In the actual election, Democratic candidate Eugene Depasquale won the position of PA Auditor General, but Republican candidate John Maher won the Fleetwood election.

The other position that differed was the House of Representatives. Republican Jim Gerlach won the actual election, but Manan Trivedi won the mock election. This may not be a surprise since Manan Trivedi graduated from Fleetwood Area High School, and he was even the valedictorian.

Bob Casey Jr., Kathleen Kane, Robert McCord, Judy Schwank, and David Maloney won in both the actual and mock elections.

This mock election has been deemed a success, and students are grateful Barnett and library aide Manice Peace organized this event.

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