Hockey Hiatus Infuriates Fans

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The National Hockey League (NHL) lockout began on 15 September, 2012.  It is a dispute between the players in the NHL and the coaches.  The owners locked out the players because they could not come to an agreement before the season started, and their collective bargaining agreement expired less than a month before the season.

Officials have already cancelled more than 400 games since the scheduled beginning of the season.  This number increases every day.  Authorities estimate the NHL has lost over 100 million dollars so far because of this lockout.

The owners would like to limit the players’ revenue from 57% to 46%, which the players do not want to permit because it would limit their income. Also, owners want to set a contract limit to five years.

The most recent offer made by NHL owners was a 50-50 revenue split between the owners and players, but the players rejected this offer. Some of the veteran players stated they would sit out the entire season.

The Winter Classic is a very important game to NHL fans every year. In this game, players play outside, usually in a baseball stadium, and according to John Clark’s (NBC) twitter, the NHL Winter Classic has already been cancelled.

“I’ve got 99 problems, and most of them have to deal with the NHL lockout,” Rachael Roselli tweeted, capturing the feelings of most hockey fans on Twitter.

The lockout has been further postponed because of Hurricane Sandy. The National Hockey League shut down their offices, causing the owners and players to not be able to work out their differences.

The longer the lockout lasts the more upset the fans are becoming.  True hockey fans are very upset with how long this lockout has continued. All sides think it has been long enough.

“The fact that the owners are trying to dismantle current contracts, changing the system even though it is working fine, is disrespectful and unnecessary,” one fan who attends every Stanley Cup game told the National Hockey League.

No one is sure exactly how long this lockout will last, but to the fans, it is getting old.

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