Sandy Brings Devastation on Northbound Journey

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On 29 October, 2012, Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, devastated parts of the east coast. Sandy is estimated to have caused around $20 billion in damage.

The storm prevented people from leaving their homes and forced some to find other ways of entertaining themselves.

“To prepare for the hurricane, we bought a lot of food and water and put the patio furniture in. During Sandy, I played board games with the [family] and dominated,” senior Hanna Perone said.

In many of the beach towns in New Jersey, it’s easy to find wrecked houses and sand in places where it normally wouldn’t be. Many beaches were completely wiped out, leaving vacation-goers wondering if their yearly vacation spots are still there.

Ocean City, Maryland, lost big parts of their famous boardwalk pier.

Many residents of New Jersey and New York City are still without power and still can’t reach their homes.

Places around Fleetwood have regained power without suffering catastrophic damage.

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