Chevy, Ford Rivalry an Arbitrary Debate

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Many know that the Chevy v. Ford feud is a long-standing tradition, but when people are questioned why they like each vehicle,  a straight answer is rarely given.  Some say whichever vehicle their parents drove.

There are no real fact as to which manufacturer is better, but the opinions are beyond hilarious.

“I grew up liking Chevy because my dad drove a Chevy,” junior Vegas Youse said.

“Ford is better; Chevy just [stinks],” freshman Joel Younker said.

 “Neither.  I pick Dodge–L.O.L.,” sophomore Victoria Dietreich said.

The styles of the trucks have more of an influence on student preference than does the way the vehicle runs.

In 1948, Ford released the F series.  A crash test was set up with an F150 moving 40 m.p.h. into a brick wall.  The injury ratings for that crash dummy came back poor for head, neck, legs and overall vehicle.  The only component that scored well was the chest. Everything else crumbled on the front end.

Another test on a 2012 model showed consistent 4-5 stars.

In the year 2000, a Chevy results were positive for everything except safety cage and overall damage.
Physical person damage came back positive.

The 2012 test results for the Chevy Silverado came back 4-5 stars, equal to the Ford.

Both Ford and Chevy have many similarities.  Both companies make an SUV as well as a hybrid.

Based on student responses,  the decision  of which model is truly better relies mostly on pricing, loyalty, quality, looks, and offerings.

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