Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Worth the Money

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 marks the eighth game in the long-standing Tekken fighting game series. This is the sequel to Tekken Tag Tournament, and one would not expect disappointment from the widely loved and generally well-regarded series. Unlike the other Tekken games, save Tekken Tag Tournament, this game offers something different to Tekken’s fighting formula in the form of tag teams as a core part of game play.

This feature is handled quite well. Not only is there the obvious tagging in and out between characters, but the game also features the ability to combine tags with all sorts of combos and throws, adding more intensity and variety to fights.

Of course, if the game had terrible and unresponsive controls, then the ability to tag would be just a novel feature in a mediocre experience; however, the game’s controls are very good. The general movement doesn’t feel too stiff, the flow of combat stays fluid, and the controls are generally responsive.

Occasionally, players may find themselves desperately mashing the tag button to no avail, leading to a knock-out that should not have happened.

As with any fighting game, a single-player arcade mode is offered as well as a practice mode. There are also ghost battles that allow players to earn money and unlock new items and outfits to customize their characters, making them look as ridiculous, cool, or stylish as they please.

Of course, as is the draw with so many other games these days, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has an online multiplayer experience, which is everything one would expect. Competitors can play online with friends privately or with people all around the world. The only issue is that Tekken follows the growing trend requiring an online access code to play the game’s online multiplayer mode.

Overall, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is an excellent game that is well worth the buy, even for those people who are not hardcore fighting game players.

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