Sophomore Emge makes Fleetwood Football History

Posted on December 6, 2012 by


In the final game of the football season, Fleetwood finished with a 43-7 victory. Sophomore running back Tyler Emge not only broke the record for rushing yards in one season–he annihilated it.

…By 140 yards.

“It feels really good because it was one of my goals, and I hope to beat it again next year,” Emge said.

Emge set the record for rushing yards in a single season at 908 yards on 171 attempts. He also averaged 5.3 yards per carry.

“I’m happy for him, because he has worked very hard, and he deserves it,” kicker Matt Hook said.

In the same game, Emge was literally inches away from setting a second record.

Thirty six that is.

He missed the record of rushing yards in a single game by 1 yard, with 170 yards total in the game.

“It wasn’t on my mind too much. I was more worried about the task at hand, which was getting a win for my team and school,” Emge said.  “We have a lot of Talent. We have great, skilled kids and a big, talented line. The best is yet to come for Fleetwood Football.”

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