Halo 4 Doesn’t Disappoint

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Copy 5 - DNorton - PromotionalHalo 4 is the latest installment in the popular Halo series of video games. It is developed by 343 studios and was released for the Xbox 360.

The game’s campaign mode continues the story of Master Chief, a genetically engineered super soldier (Spartan) who is the main protagonist in the Halo series. It offers a new, enriching storyline that picks up 5 years after the events of Halo 3.

During Halo 4’s campaign mode, Master Chief comes across a new antagonist, called the Didact. The Didact is an evil ancient being that was held imprisoned on the planet Requiem, where Halo 4’s events take place. Much of the campaign revolves around Master Chief’s attempts to stop the Didact, along with his legion of followers called Prometheans.

Unique to Halo 4, the story does not just revolve around Master Chief, but also around Cortana, an A.I. program that helps Chief dictate everything he does. Cortana’s programming is beginning to deteriorate after eight years of service, and her interactions become more hostile as the game progresses. It makes for a truly interesting addition to the story that hadn’t been seen before in earlier Halo games.

Graphics-wise, Halo 4 looks amazing. It is easily one of the best-looking games in the series, and perhaps even the best looking on the whole Xbox 360. Everything, from the environment to the weapons, is extremely detailed. The result is a beautiful-looking game that adds to its overall appeal.

Along with a single player campaign mode, there is an online multiplayer mode called War Games. In War Games, there is a wide variety of different multiplayer games. Many of these games have been carried over from previous Halo games. The online mode has always been a fun addition to the Halo franchise.

Overall, Halo 4 is a must buy for any Halo fan. With great graphics and a deep story, it is easily one of the best games released this year.

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