Eagles Upset Fans

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The Philadelphia Eagles are a well-respected football organization that has endured a lot of success in past years. The team has never won a Super Bowl and has not won a championship since 1960. This year’s team, which seems to have so much talent, has lost their ninth straight game, and has fallen to a record of 4-9. For an Eagles fan base that demands winning, the continuing awful play of the Eagles simply won’t do.

The team has not been to the playoffs since 2010, and, with the start the Eagles made this season, it seems nearly impossible they will make it there this year. The team has made many acquisitions in the past two years that were said to make them Super Bowl contenders. The talented players they acquired have failed to help them do so. The underperformance of the team has made them already fire Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo, and many Philadelphia sports fans are calling for the termination of longterm coach Andy Reid.

“Making an offensive line coach, Juan Castillo, the defensive coordinator is a high school move.  Because of this and many other things, the Eagles will never win with Andy Reid as the coach,” student teacher Mr. Carl said.

Andy Reid was credited with reinvigorating the Eagles into a good football organization, taking them to the NFC championship five times and the Super Bowl one time; however, his failure to win the Super Bowl and recent underperformance of his team has him on the hot seat.

The team’s biggest critics say this year’s team has one of the worst, if not the worst, offensive lines in the league. They have given up 33 sacks already this year and are the 3rd worst ranked offensive line in the NFL. The Eagles also turn the ball over with interceptions and fumbles more often than is to be hoped; they have a -14 turnover ratio, which is just plain awful. The team’s defense is playing terribly this year; they are ranked 24th in defense for the league. The team has failed to close out several close games with leads in the fourth quarter.

Every Eagles fan seems to have his or her own opinions of what to do, but one thing every Eagles fan can agree on is that the team is not playing up to its talent.

For a team that has so much fan support, the need for change is at an all-time high. The Eagles continuously disappoint a fan base that is still waiting for its first Super Bowl win. All Eagles’ fans can agree on one thing, and that is that something needs to happen fast or the fan base will riot.

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