FAHS Band Wins First Place in King Frost Parade

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The Fleetwood Marching Unit participated in Hamburg’s King Frost Parade.   The band played two different songs while the band front performed their routine.  The parade had many floats and marching bands there, but out of all the bands, Fleetwood won first place.

“It’s really awesome to have a director that is very talented and truly cares about music and students. The band went from a good band to a fantastic band because of Mr. Ebersole,” Junior Ben Rohde said.

“Getting first in the parade gives the band a sense of satisfaction and reward. It just shows that our hard work really pays off,” Senior Aaron Nelson said.

Fleetwood’s marching unit played two individual songs during the parade. The first selection was “Trombone King.” This song was played last year by the wind ensemble, but it was used this year as the main march.

Band director Charles Ebersole’s second selection was “Lady Madonna.” This famous Beatles’ song was played during the field shows at the home football games.  Ebersole chose “Lady Madonna” because it was at marching tempo, and it has a catchy tune to it. 

In between each song the drum line plays the cadence.  Featured percussion included the snare drums, quads, cymbals, bells, and bass drums. They played the cadence to give the band a chance to catch its breath and keep in step. The drum line cadence was put together by a former Fleetwood Area High School graduate, Matt Phillips.

“The drums are my favorite part about marching. I find myself wanting to dance to the beat of the drums,” said sophomore Chaney Malick.

The Fleetwood Marching Unit achieved one of their goals for the year. The band front and band’s hard work is really paying off in competitions and in concerts.

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