Greiss Says Dissatisfying Election Yields Dissatisfied Conclusion

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The 2012 election is finally over, ending with the re-election of current president, Barack Obama, over presidential nominee and former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney.  Frankly, I say good riddance to the whole thing!

This election was one of the most disenchanting experiences I have had concerning the government and politics.
Despite hearing how important this election was, I found the two candidates remarkably lackluster.

Mitt Romney, the Republican offering, was a competent businessman, who was also a notorious flip-flopper, changing his opinion on issues as often as he changed into a new pair of pants each day.

While his presentation was that of a competent man, he was often distorted to seem like a snobby rich man.  In order to appeal to a wider conservative audience, he adopted the far right stance that has become the Republican stereotype.

On the flip side, we had as our Democratic candidate President Barack Obama, who did a reasonably admirable job when we suffered from a recession that crippled our economy, as well as when he ordered the death of Osama Bin Laden. He has done little else worthy of recognition besides passing, under much scrutiny from congress, a widely controversial healthcare bill.

Obama was elected for a first term with much fanfare: he was the first black president, the first non-white president for that matter. He promised hope and change, inspiring people to believe that we would be better off now than we were four years ago, and, to an extent, we are. We aren’t in as deep of a recession, but it is doubtful that we are better off than we were before the recession when those promises were first made.

Perhaps that is why Obama played a more low-key campaign with the simple slogan of “Progress.”

Despite that, both candidates were both flawed in their own ways.  It appears more people found Obama’s flaws easily overlooked, or maybe they just trusted a familiar face more. Whether the next four years will be another shake-up or just more of the same is up for debate, but what everyone can hope for is that things do not get worse.

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