Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: ‘So Fake It’s Unreal’

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter may not be the most famous movie ever released. It also is not the most factual either, but there are some facts snuck into this film.

The most fictional part of this story is the fact that the premise of the story is about vampires and slaying vampires.

As many may know, or should know, vampires are fictional characters. To think that the famous president Abraham Lincoln slayed these creatures is a crazy thought.

“Although this is a very fictional movie and it is really fake, I enjoyed the movie. It was fun to watch with friends,” junior Christian Schwenig said.

The fact that the movie is fictional does not mean that it is boring or unsatisfying. Actually, it could mean the complete opposite.

Children, teenagers, anyone who enjoys movies tend to like fictional stories. A lot of people may find them more entertaining than movies that are more factual.

Facts have been put into Vampire Hunter, so it is not completely unreal.

There are some realistic parts in the movie, including the Civil War, the death of Abe’s mother when he was 9, and the fact that Lincoln actually wasn’t very good around women.

Also, the former first lady Mary Todd Lincoln was a very good shot. When she had the opportunity with a rifle, she made it count. Another fact that was thrown into this movie was that Lincoln traveled to New Orleans twice, once in 1828, and once in 1830. He was hired to deliver crops and other cargo from Illinois down the Mississippi River.

“This was a stupid movie. It was so fake it’s unreal! I am not sure why I decided to watch, or even think of watching, this movie,” sophomore Wyatt Pensinger said.

Not many people have been talking about this movie, perhaps because it isn’t much revered.

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