Many Pros to Winter Track

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Most sports have a regular season and an offseason. The track team is getting prepared for the upcoming season. There is a lot to look forward to in the 2012-2013 season.

The team has often been in the weight room and occasionally on the track to do their workouts.  Many spectators are unaware that there are many aspects to working out for track. Cardiovascular exercises are extremely key for a successful time in events. Not only is running a good workout, but lifting in short spurts can help the explosiveness needed for track.

The second important aspect in preparing for track is eating right. When people say they are cutting back on fats, they do not realize it is not doing a lot. In addition to cutting back on fat, you need to eat the essential foods to help out your lean muscle. Foods like chicken, eggs, fish, and vegetables are helpful.

There has been a new addition to the track team. Coach Geoffrey Mach is also the defensive back coach on Fleetwood’s football team. Previously, Mach was a student at Kutztown University, where he ran track and played defensive back on Kutztown’s football team. Coach Mach’s experience should be very helpful to the team. They are excited to have a new coach and are planning on working hard.

This year should be one of the team’s best years.  Players are expected to have a lot of speed that is needed to win a lot of meets. Some major competitors are Ben Rohde, Cyre Virgo, Thaddeus Cornick, and Morgan Shigo.

“Hopefully, we will have a very successful season. I’m looking to break a couple of records and make a run for states,” junior Ben Rohde said.

Winter track is preparing the team to be at its prime in their next season. The team is looking to improve their individual and team record from the previous year. The 2012-2013 season will bring a new year and maybe even a successful season.

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