Bear Creek The Ski Resort of Choice at FAHS

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Many students in the Fleetwood Area School District participate in winter sports.  One common sport among students for many years has been participating in skiing and snowboarding at Bear Creek. Snowboarding and skiing take skill and talent.

The main reason many go to Bear Creek is because of its proximity, but there are also many different reasons for choosing to practice there.

“It is very convenient for students because it is close, and the school provides transportation,” student Tyler Redding said.

“[It’s] lose to us and cheap. I love to ski!” senior Melanie Lehman said.

“It’s close, and Christian Schwenig brought me,” junior Zared Reichert said.

Many people said the memories they have at Bear Creek are the best.

“Enjoying some quality time with my friends snowboarding is my favorite part,” Christian Schwenig said.

Tyler Redding likes the fact that the lines at Bear Creek are short, and he can get a lot of runs in during the night.

The costs of practices are not too expensive. Of course, food and rentals do cost more than the initial fee.

“Transportation is arranged by the school, and the lift packages are $120.00,” Redding said.

“It costs $185.00 including rentals and the lift ticket,” Lehman said

Then there is always the question, Do you prefer skiing or snowboarding?

“Snowboarding, because it’s more challenging, and I thought it looked cooler,” Schwenig said.

“Snowboarding.  It feels more natural to me,” Reichert said,

Many people do enjoy attending practices at Bear Creek due to memories, location, and cost.

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