Students Sound off on School Internet Security

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8e6Across the student body in Fleetwood Area School District, the Internet security software is almost universally hated.

It is especially frustrating because the restrictions include things like the play “A Raisin in the Sun”–which is part of several English class curriculums–but not such “reputable” sources as a Yahoo answers pages about committing crimes.

If one were to ask just about any student from the high school or even the middle school what he or she thinks about the Internet security software, opinions ranging from outrage to annoyance to seething hatred are sure to abound.

“It makes projects more difficult to complete,” sophomore Ryan Raudenbush said.

“It stinks. If you are doing a project on something like a video on Youtube, you can’t look it up in school,” freshman Lacey Greiss said.

“It can interfere with the student body’s ability to look up materials for papers or projects,” senior Skyler Ammend said.

“Other than it being a counterproductive, annoying, pointless, demeaning waste of time, I don’t have much to say about it,” senior Casey Jones said.

“It’s garbage and makes doing school projects difficult,” sophomore McKayla Millard-Mesa said.

The school’s technical department, when given the chance to explain how the Internet security software works and answer why it seems to block resources almost randomly, did not respond to emails.

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