Safe Grad Hosts Fun for Seniors and Middle Schoolers

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Every year, the senior class holds a Safe Graduation Dance for the middle school students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. This year, many seniors of the class of 2013 helped in coordinating the dance.

The dance took place in the middle school 5-6 gym on 1 February 2013 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Each year the seniors help with the dance by collecting money at the door, serving food in the cafeteria, making sure no food or drink is brought into the gym, preventing running in the hallways, and monitoring the students in the gym.

All dances the middle school holds serve snacks and sodas. This year, seniors also sold hot dogs to the middle school students. At 9:00, cookies, brownies, and hotdogs went on discounts to the students.

This year, many helpful parents from the senior class helped with the dance. Michelle DuGuay and Nina Perone helped with money at the door along with concessions in the cafeteria later into the night.

Mrs. Buck, Anne Norton, Mrs. Wanner and many other parents attended and helped with the concessions stand and monitored students on the dance floor.

When the senior class of 2013 was in middle school, they remembered the seniors carrying around rulers for the slow dances. It has been a joke to embarrass middle school students by sticking a ruler in between couples when they are dancing.

Because this has become a tradition, current seniors continued it, and Mrs. Heffner brought rulers for seniors to use. John Heck, high school technical shop teacher, helped student Melanie Lehman make a 30-inch ruler to stick in between students instead of a normal 12 inch ruler.

Student Colton Plucker had much amusement with the ruler and carried it around most of the night. One middle school student was enraged by the ruler tradition and broke senior Robert Kohl’s ruler in half.

Kohl retaliated by returning with another wooden ruler.

At the end of the night, the DJ played the graduation song, and all the seniors gathered in a huddle. They all danced, and some even cried a bit, thinking about all the memories they had together.

Due to the seniors hard work, advisors Dina Heffner and Jennifer Neiman wanted to reward the seniors with an ice cream party. Any senior who put any amount of time helping at the dance was allowed to join the ice cream party in room #7 on 4 February 2013.

“It is always hard to tell who has more fun on this night, the seniors or the middle school students,” middle school principal Christopher Redding said.

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