Science Olympiad Wins First Place

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“First, we must ask ourselves, ‘What is science’?” senior Patrick Tobias said.

Science Olympiad is a national competition in which students can get involved with science by doing tests, projects, or labs on different topics.

In their most recent competition at Kutztown University, Fleetwood placed first!

Senior Brandon Creyer participated in the test for “Dynamic Planet” and “Rocks and Minerals.”  He received second place for both of those tests. He also participated in the “Forensics lab” and test, in which he placed first.

Creyer’s favorite event is “Rocks and Minerals.”  In this event, he had to race against other people to identify different samples.

He describes the competition as “chaotic fun.”

Senior Veronika Kraft participated in tests for “Forestry” and “Disease Detectives.” For both of those events, she received first place. She also tested in her favorite event, “Anatomy and Physiology,” and received second place.

Senior Patrick Tobias participated in his favorite event, “Dynamic Planet” with Brandon, but he also tested and completed a project on “Maglev” in which he earned third place. Not only that, but he received third place for his Elastic Launch Glider project.

“I was very nervous at the competition. I spent months working on my different events, and it all comes down to how well you do at the competition,” Tobias said.

The advisor of Science Olympiad is science teacher Todd Driesbach.

“Being the advisor is fun.  It’s nice to be able to teach things beyond what is taught in the classroom, and I learn more things as a result,” Driesbach said.

Fleetwood’s biggest competition is Exeter and Kutztown. For years, they have been the top teams in the county. Now, Oley is getter better as well.

Fleetwood has qualified for States many years in a row, but they have never made it to the National Competition.

With the success that Science Olympiad had at their most recent competition, Fleetwood looks forward to seeing their accomplishments this year!

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