FAHS Teacher Crossword Puzzle

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Cross Word SteinerAcross

3. – I am the ruler of journalism.

6. – I have a bubbly personality, and I am the advisor of book club.

9. -I am one of the senior class advisors.

10. -I keep my students fit and healthy.

11. -I am a history teacher. I have a son named Tanner.

12. -I make the hallways smell of sweet deserts and tasty foods.

13. – I teach on the top floor, and I teach mostly tenth graders.  We work with shapes.


1. -I love anything Disney.

2. -I am an advisor of the outdoor club.

4. -I work with students with special needs.

5. -Guten Tag.

7. -I work in the office. I have a daughter who is a senior.

8. -I rule the school.

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