Video Games a Scapegoat for Violent Crimes

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Gamers argue that video games do not cause violence; they are simply a way to relieve stress.

Video games have become a vital part of society and a huge mark as to how technology is advancing.  A hundred years ago, no one even dreamed of being able to play a video game, even with a controller. Now, we have games where someone can use his or her body as the controller, like Xbox’s Kinect.

People are using video games as a scapegoat when searching for a reason for violence, but they are just a huge stress reliever.

Video games are a virtual depiction of events, and players are reacting within the virtual atmosphere.

They can be made for little kids, such as the game Spyro the Dragon, or for older teens and adults, such as the Call of Duty series.

Video games provoke interest in someone’s mind.  If there is something in which he or she is interested, games can keep players’ attention for hours–even days–on end.

Video games have become such a defining part of society that people will forever remember games such as Call Of Duty similarly to how the people of today remember games like Techmobowl and Pac-Man.

People in today’s society are using video games as an excuse for violence among teens and adults alike.

“Those who say that video games cause violence are merely using video games as a scapegoat to explain the faults within the ethos of society,” student teacher Maury Weimer said.

Weimer believes video games do not have an effect on the actions of the gamer.

There could also be a case made that parents are using video games because they do not want to accept it is their bad parenting at fault.

If a parent does not instill the right values into his or her child and the child ends up committing an act of extreme violence, parents are not held responsible for it, so society uses video games as an excuse.

Video games take remove players from life and immerse then in a different world.  They can use certain video games to cause unreal violence and relieve the stresses of everyday life.

This is shown in games such as Saints Row: The Third.  Players can do almost anything they want in this game, from killing someone to stealing cars to simply running or driving around doing nothing.

Activities such as this relieve stress by taking out all frustrations and angry emotions in the game, leaving the player less angry and less stressed.

By using video games to relieve stress, someone can completely erase all thoughts on violence and other stressors. People can completely immerse themselves into the game, and everything going on in the game may seem real to some.
These people, however, still understand that it is just a game and that there are differences between video games and real life. They still understand that the things they are doing in the video games are not acceptable to do in society.
Even if they do not realize it, subconsciously, their mind knows the difference between a game and real life.

It needs to be accepted that video games truly are not the cause of the violence.

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