Future of Olympic Wrestling to be Determined

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Over the past two weeks, professional sources have been talking about the debate on whether Olympic wrestling should be excluded or not in the 2020 Olympic Games.

Like every debate, there are two sides. One side supports banning Olympic wrestling, and the other is fighting for it to stay.

“Wrestling in the Olympics shouldn’t be banned. Other ‘sports’ like speed walking and ping-pong should be banned in its place,” freshman Hunter Tomeo said.

The downside of having no wrestling in the Olympics is that younger kids do not have anything to look forward to. Also, high school wrestlers will not be able to put their hard work and training to good use.

“Wrestling has always been a big part of my life. I’ll be very upset if wrestling is excluded from the 2020 Olympic Games,” sophomore Jared Adam said.

On the other hand, wrestling has not been getting much attention compared to the other major events.

Swimming, track and field, basketball, and other sports get most of the spectators, so it draws more people away from wrestling.

“Wrestling has been a great American sport for more than a century. You cannot just take a sport out of the Olympics. It is not fair to the wrestlers who are training for the 2020 Olympics,” sophomore Joseph Kinek said.

Some people tend to be indifferent about having wrestling removed from the Olympics. They are not typical wrestling fans, and they would rather watch something they believe to be more entertaining.

“It does not really matter to me if Olympic wrestling is removed or not. I do not really watch it because I’m always watching actual sports, like swimming, track and field, and basketball,” sophomore Austin Young said.

Whether Olympic wrestling is removed or not from the 2020 Olympics is yet to be determined.

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