Random Profile: Mitchell Fuerst

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Mitchell Fuerst is a senior at Fleetwood Area High School and in the graduating class of 2013.  In his spare time, Fuerst likes to “hang out with friends, listen to some [rap] music, and just chill”.  He also enjoys going on drives because he loves the sense of freedom and happiness he gets being on the open road.

Rap music is his favorite kind of music because it’s “a good creative outlet and fun to listen to.” If he had to describe himself, Fuerst would say, “I’m a fun guy.  I’m relaxed and pretty chill.  I’m pretty awesome and jazzed” and that “people should get to know me.  I’m not that bad of a guy.”

Fuerst is involved in no extracurricular activities at present. He is currently employed at Burger King, a job he says is “easy, and the pay is not too bad”.  After he graduates, he plans to go to a four-year college.  He’s undetermined where, but it has to be “somewhere local.”  He plans on going for a degree in media arts due to his love of all things artistic.

His favorite kind of food is a pretzel melt.

“It’s been my favorite kind of food ever since the first time I had one,” Fuerst said.

His favorite color is yellow because it’s “just a really cool color, makes me happy whenever I see it.”

His favorite movie of all time would have to be Saving Private Ryan.  Fuerst says the movie is “my all time favorite movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great storyline and a good cast of characters in an interesting World War II setting.”

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