Russian Meteor Explosion Rocks World

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On 15 February, 2012, over the Moscow sky, a meteor approximately 55-feet in diameter exploded, causing mass mayhem.

“I’ve seen videos of what people were doing at the time of the explosion. One guy had a piece of the meteor crash through the window of his car, and he just kept driving like it was nothing. In another, a freight truck tipped over and all these cows walked out of the truck with no idea of what was going on and just walked into a field to graze. The other one I saw, a meteor hit a guy’s car and caused him to get in a crash with another guy, and they both got out of their cars and got in a fist fight with each other. Basically, it was mayhem, but I think the Russians can deal,” senior Skyler Ammend said.

Coming down at 40,000 miles per hour, the meteor was apparently only traveling through the air for about 32.5 seconds. The blast injured roughly 1,000 people, damaged hundreds of buildings, and caused all kinds of other untold mayhem.

“It’s cool that such force exists in the universe, but it is also depressing that those people were injured. The event, though interesting, also makes me wonder if we are really safe,” senior Casey Jones said.

Despite the carnage caused by this meteor, this is not the greatest meteor explosion in recorded history or even Russia’s recorded history. That honor goes to the Tunguska Event in 1908, when a massive 130-foot diameter meteor exploded over the Siberian wilderness, flattening trees in over a 825 square mile radius.

Even before human history, massive meteors crashed into the earth, including the one that is theorized to have killed the dinosaurs. One of the most apparent ones even today is a meteor crater in Arizona that is believed to have been caused by a meteor with a 150-foot radius.

With meteors that are probably even larger in the universe, one can only hope that humans do not go the way of the dinosaur.

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