FAHS Students to Compete in First Annual Language Meet

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On Wednesday, 10 April, German students will be going on a field trip to Kutztown University to compete in the first annual World Languages Meet.

This meet will bring together students from high schools across the county as they showcase their skills in various language competitions.

This event will include students who take Spanish, German, and French.

The competitions will include a Virtual Amazing Language Race, which is a scavenger hunt in a foreign language inspired by the TV show. This will test students’ interpretive listening skills as they solve clues in their language.

The second event will be “Taboorades.” In this activity, students will be playing a game of charades in their foreign language; however, there is a ‘twist.’ Students will not be allowed to use words considered ‘taboo’ in their language, forcing them to expand their vocabulary.

Finally, students will give a Visual and Spoken Culture Presentation. This presentation will focus on several aspects of the students’ selected languages, including the 3 ‘P’s’ of culture: Product, Practice, and Perspective.

Shea Oswald, Tiana Tracy, and Peter Sitarik will be competing in the Virtual Amazing Language Race. 

Brian Keeney, Becky Zerbe, Kendell Frank, and Robert Kohl will be playing Taboorades. 

Becca Weida, Veronika Kraft, Aaron Kulaga, Ian Grafe, and Piper O’Keefe are preparing a presentation to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the German fairytale. They will be giving a shadow puppet show version of Little Red Riding Hood.

“Hopefully, we will be able to win some of the events,” Frau Moll said. “This is the first year Kutztown is hosting this, so we really don’t know what to expect.”

Win or lose, the day is a good way for students to use their language skills.

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