Misa’s Fugue Earns Assortment of Laurels

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Around Fleetwood Area School District, the name Misa’s Fugue is spoken with pride. What started as a student film project is now a powerful documentary of the time spent by artist Frank “Misa” Grunwald in Nazi concentration camps.

“The film made me feel a wide array of emotions and a deep feeling of empathy for Grunwald and his suffering.  That is why I loved it,” senior Casey Jones said. 

Now Misa’s Fugue is earning fame outside of just Fleetwood. Fugue has been personally selected by the judges of the Phoenix Film Festival in Arizona .

“It is one thing for a mother, a father, or a friend to say your movie is good, but this is an exclusive group of judges who say your movie is good. The movie wasn’t even enrolled to be in the festival.  They selected it themselves, of their own volition,” director Shawn Gaston said.

That, however, is not the only honor Fugue has earned. It has also won Telly awards in 4 different categories and has also won the people’s choice Telly award for 2012.

“It’s no surprise that it has won 4 Telly awards and was selected for the Phoenix Film Festival. These accomplishments would be impressive of any independent film, and the fact that this was made by students in Fleetwood makes it all the more impressive,” Jones said.

“The movie is good.  It deserved all those awards,” senior Anthony Parzanese said.

This only begs the question, could Misa’s Fugue receive any more honors, awards, and nods.  If so, is an international release possible?

One can only wonder.

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