The Wood Criterion Collection: Vol. V

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In this edition of The Wood, the pieces vary from sketchbook assignments, to an award-winning piece, to poetry.

I is an Untitled Blurb piece by Anonymous that reads, “All I want is to be mad, at you, at what happened. All I want is one reason, one excuse, one justification. Just once I want to let loose, fight a little, find the harmony in disagreement. All I need is one mistake, some proof, you’re human too. All I need is clarification, that you aren’t so far out of my league, that I’m somewhat deserving of you.”

II is senior, Brittany Gantz’s piece in the main medium of colored pencil. This extremely picturesque work is a prime example of realism shown through hard work, which is most likely why this piece has also won an award as shown to the right of the picture.

III is by junior Kristine Stum, also in the main medium of colored pencil. This specific drawing was one of numerous in an in-class collage, in which students had to complete several works using the same subject, in Stum’s case, an owl. The piece shown is the subject in a ‘Realistic’ form.

IV is a sketchbook assignment by sophomore, Olivia Guidara. Guidara used both black marker and water-color to create this abstract piece.

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