Random Cheese: Gun Laws

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Should the government federal gun laws? Should Semi-Automatic weapons be banned? How do you feel about the government changing history by trying to change these laws?

“No, we already have them.  They should be allowed.” –Kylie Stoeckel, senior.

“No, there are enough laws.  No, [Semi-Automatic weapons] aren’t any worse than any other gun. It makes me mad because it’s affecting the hunters.” –Cody Wolf, junior.

“I believe that certain weapons such as assault arms should be outlawed; however, people have every right to own firearms for uses such as hunting and self-defense.” –Nathan Reinert, junior.

“They shouldn’t take guns away. It’s in the constitution so we can hunt or protect ourselves in the event that the government becomes oppressive.” –Zach Siegfried, junior.

“A ban would create a black market for semi-automatic weapons, and America wouldn’t be the same without them.” –Matt Fisher, senior.

“No, there are enough new laws that limit the ways we can express ourselves.  They can’t take this away too.” –Amanda Fox, junior.

“No. I don’t think they should ban guns because more people use them innocently than inappropriately. They should keep the gun laws the same but do background checks and history checks before the purchase.” –Marissa Bubbenmoyer, senior.

“No, the government shouldn’t ban semi-automatic weapons. I think making it more difficult to get these weapons is a good thing. Right now it’s too easy.” — Sean Gaston, media teacher.

“I see no justification for any additional government regulations.” –Adam Trite, history teacher.

“I don’t care either way.” –Mike Tanis, junior.

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