2013 FAHS Honor Society Inductees Honored

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On 28 February, 2013, the FAHS chapter of National Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony.   At this ceremony, senior members of NHS inducted the new junior and senior members.

To be inducted into NHS, one must first apply. The application includes two essays and a list of one’s activities and community service.

The tenants of NHS are leadership, character, service, and scholarship. Members must demonstrate these in their lives in order to be accepted into the club.

At the ceremony, senior members read a short biography of the inductee and then welcomed them into NHS by lighting their candle. There were so many inductees this year that some senior members had to double up and read two biographies.

Beth Rothenberger, president of NHS, helped arrange the ceremony, and also had a large speaking role during the ceremony. The event went smoothly according to Rothenberger.

Carol Zheng, a new member of NHS, agreed.

“It is an honor to be a part of NHS. It feels great,” Zheng said.

There were many new inductees to NHS.

If students, parents, or community members are interested in seeing who the senior and junior members of NHS are, the bulletin board outside of the library (across from the office) has the names of all members currently in the club.

For any junior members bummed because they may not have gotten in, no worries, they can always apply next year.

Some advice to future applicants would be to do a lot of community service and take on a lot of leadership roles. Also, aspiring applicants should never forget about keeping their GPA above a 92%!

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