Boys’ Volleyball Prizes Teamwork, Motivation, Success

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The Fleetwood High School boys’ volleyball team has begun its season and is hoping for a successful record.

The boys lost some key senior varsity starters, but upcoming players are expected to step up and fill the spots.

“I just started playing volleyball this year, but so far, I see that we need to buckle down and keep working hard,” senior Aaron Nelson said.

This year, the boys have a difficult schedule, but with hard work and determination, they will be able to achieve a winning record.

Some key players are Nate Reinert, Kyle Flannery, and Ryan Andre.

“I cannot wait to get back on the court! Last year was exciting, and I learned a lot of different skills about the game. This year should be even more fun if the whole team works together to win some volleyball games,” junior Ryan Andre said.

The boys’ team’s coach, Ron Humor, works the team very hard.  During tryouts, athletes were conditioned to get them prepped for games. A lot of endurance is required to play the sport. In one single match, there are five games. A team must win two out of three games to win the match.

“Coach Ron teaches us well. He believes the way to win a lot of matches is teamwork. His practices are lengthy, but they keep us in shape, so we are always on the top of our game. All in all, I couldn’t ask for a better coach,” junior Nate Reinert said.

As volleyball season starts, the bleachers of the gymnasium should start to fill with loyal super fans.

A strong fan base can lead to success, and the team always welcomes motivation at their matches. With hard work and perseverance, the boys’ volleyball team could be destined for a great season.

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