German Students Participate in Essay Contest

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At Fleetwood Area High School, there are several different contests and competitions that allow students to excel in academics and in life.

For German classes, they can excel to places beyond Fleetwood’s borders.

Frau Christine Moll, a German teacher working at Fleetwood Area High School, and her students will be competing in an unforgettable contest.

In this contest, students will be writing essays. For these essays, they have two topics from which to choose.

One Topic is “Think Transatlantic.” This topic asks students questions about USA and its history with Germany as well as the strong partnership between the two countries in today’s world.

The question states, “Germany and the United States remain strong partners in the 21st century. The transatlantic cooperation can be seen in the government, industry, tourism and many other areas. As with any partnership, the future rests in the hands of the youth. What does the German-American relationship mean to you? What will it mean in the future? Are there examples of youth-oriented transatlantic exchanges or partnerships? Will Germany and the United States remain strong partners? What would you do right now to help ensure German-American ties stay strong, now and in the future?”

The Second Topic talks about John F. Kennedy’s Speech in Berlin: “This year is the 50th anniversary of the President John F. Kennedy’s famous speech in Berlin. “Ich bin ein Berliner” became a phrase heard around the world and the speech underlined American support for West Berlin. The short speech was seen as a turning point in the Cold War. Does this speech still have meaning in today’s world? Are we all still Berliners? What does world citizenship mean today?”

“Ms. Moll asked me to help judge. She assures me that I don’t need to know German. The only words I know are when my grandmother swears,” English teacher Zachary Houp said.

The contest is sponsored by the German Information Center USA, and Frau Moll’s students are participating.

Moll, along with Houp, will be grading these essays and selecting a winner.

The winner of the group of students will have his or her essay entered into the National Contest.

The deadline for the entries is 1 April, 2013. Winners of the contest for the school will be announced 15 April.

Around 31 May 2013, the national contest winners will be announced.

Not only is winning a prize cool, but there are also cash prizes for this contest.

The winner in Frau Moll’s class will win a $25.00 Amazon gift card. The winner for the National contest will also win a $200.00 Amazon gift card.

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