Fleetwood Students Compete in Economics Challenge

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On 27 February 2013, seniors of the Fleetwood student body attended an Economic Challenge competition. The Economic Challenge was hosted by Millersville University, where seniors were placed on different teams to compete. Fleetwood student teams were a David Ricardo Team and an Adam Smith team.

Many Fleetwood seniors competed in the economic challenge. Not all were recognized for high scores.
Members of all teams are as follows:

  • Jordan Kost
  • Carol Zheng
  • Chelsea Bailey
  • Christian Boyer
  • Brandon Creyer
  • Kelsie Underkofler
  • Katelyn Roberts
  • Beth Rothenberger
  • Sarah Fortna
  • Piper O’Keefe

The highest scoring David Ricardo team member was Christian Boyer.

The best FAHS score ever recorded by a David Ricardo team was done by Underkofler, Creyer, and Boyer.

The highest scoring Adam Smith team member was Sarah Fortna.

“All team members won door prizes and enjoyed the hospitality of the host, Millersville University,” history teacher Dina Heffner said.

Fleetwood’s teams did not score high enough to make it to the state level round of competition to compete in the Economic Challenge.

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