Happy 50th Birthday to Chisdak and Rankin!

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Two teachers at Fleetwood Diane Chisdak and Sherri Rankin recently celebrated their fiftieth birthdays, and looking fabulous as ever.

On her birthday, Rankin went out with good friends to Melt, a restaurant in Lehigh valley, and had dinner.

“There were good food, good friends, and good dessert.  You can’t ask for better than that,” Rankin said.

That was Rankin’s second party of the week. Prior to that, her family took her to an Italian place in Bloomsburg and enjoyed cake and ice cream at her parents’ house.

Finally, the night after her Birthday, Rankin went to Olive Garden with her husband and son.

Growing up, Rankin had birthday parties with family as well as some sleepovers because she had a large bedroom that could fit a lot of girls.

Now that Rankin is older, she doesn’t like celebrating her age.  She would rather celebrate her life, which is why Rankin and her high school friends celebrate ‘Name day,’ a day when they were named rather than using any ages.

“I like getting presents.  This year I got an iPad–which is amazing–clothes, money, and much more. I think that’s why I like celebrating my birthday or Name Day the most, for the gifts and having my family and friends around me,” Rankin said.

Chisdak loves being around younger people all day.  It helps her to feel young and connected.

Chisdak did not do much with her birthday but says she went to Washington D.C to see the beautiful trees after they had bloomed.

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