May Horoscopes

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Aries [March 21st- April 19th]
One major illusion comes as well as one absolutely correct insight into your life. The illusion centers on money, friendship, and hopes for the future. Someone might play on your social instincts to hide something from you. The correct insight comes in the areas of investments, lifestyle changes, and travel. Something that was lost, or has eluded you, might return again by destiny; for a try, just grab it. Past delays end in many areas. Exciting meetings, maybe new love comes all of a sudden in your life during the month. Financial success is also on the cards. Chase goals with renewed vigor for the period ahead.

Taurus[April 20th – May 20th]
Your energy, magnetism, and luck remain high for this month. Delays end in every area except lifestyle changes and heavy finances. Everywhere else, your effectiveness and sense of timing return. Start important projects, ask favors, demand an audience with important people for this period. You can win in love and short-term money now. Don’t spend for now; save until the end of the month when wisdom will prevail. Tackle chores with caution and ease. Relationships excite and offer challenges and opportunity for this month-long. Mellow wisdom and gentle love arrives as the month closes .

Gemini [May 21st – June 21st]
Continue to rest, lie low, watch, contemplate, and plan for the month ahead. People seek your advice. Someone might offer a clandestine temptation. Forget this if you want a healthy relationship future. Tackle government issues with caution to avoid deception and fear. Now begins a period during which you’ll be making and spending money in serious amounts. Be thrifty and do not hesitate; contemplate before every financial commitment. Delays end in real estate, family, social, future planning areas.  All work opportunities/partnerships materialize. This month would be blessed in general for all Geminis out there.

Cancer [June 22nd – July 22nd]
A wish could come true during the month. A romantic, creative, speculative, vacation, or teaching venture could materialize early this month. A business, relocation, negotiation, or marriage goal that has been eluding you will now bear fruit. Delays end in communications, travel, spiritual zones, health, and governmental dealings. You could be fooled in a big way by an investment through the month; hence, be skeptical when it comes to financial dealings. Avoid things that have a legal tint. But you’ll see clearly into a career, employment, machinery and/or creative business area later during this month; seize an opportunity here.

Leo [July 23rd – August 22nd]
You might cement a friendship with a rough, irascible, humorous person during this month. Your ambitions are high, hence charge ahead, seek out VIPs, ask bosses or parents for more responsibility. A major earning opportunity could be building now in May, and to some degree through the month.  Open your thoughts to new ways of relating to others, emotionally and financially. Don’t invest unless you know a situation or a person inside-out. Home and family matters flow well for this period, but don’t buy property. Romance, creativity are jumbled for most of the month. Tackle chores in a fun-filled way.

Virgo [August 23rd – September 22nd]
You might make a final change or adjustment in your relations with higher-ups this month. Henceforth, through the month, you’ll receive glowing reports, and the benefit of the doubt.  A kind eye will be cast upon your proposals for business, safety suggestions, promotion, or pay raise requests. In the month ahead, your hopes will be tied up with a basic life change. This life change could be disguised as a romantically-inclined attraction. Act on money issues with caution. Delays are over in all areas of your life.

Libra [September 23rd – October 22nd]
Look for changes, commitments, and consequences this month. Step through this period with renewed energy and vigor. All through the month, you’ll be tempted to stick with the status quo, but luck and benefits emerge when you opt for deep, meaningful change. Finances and lifestyle are the agents of change. If you’re single, don’t let attraction lead to marriage for security. Be willing to sign legal papers. Your energy and charisma bounce upward for now. Buy only necessities. Refuse to argue and find solitude this month.

Scoprio [October 23rd – November 21st]
The burn out or overly impulsive influence of last month continues to affect your finances and lifestyle goals until the end of the month. Then there will be a period of sweet reward which will dominate these zones. The delays you’ve felt in earnings, work, and socializing end now. Get ready to charge forward into new opportunities, exciting meetings, and contacts during this month ahead. But be diplomatic, ascertain others’ needs/desires – they will hold the aces. Lay low, rest, and plan for the month ahead. Emerge to impress the world. Money has some glitches around the month end.

Saggitarius [November 22nd – December 21st]
Settle into chores this month.  Delays now end: you can reach people, get answers, and proceed decisively. One important answer is available in romance or a creative, speculative, or child-oriented venture. The past month brought tantrums and flare-ups, but not now. A strong attraction toward someone is in the cards. Starting this month, the next three months mend hostilities and sweeten attractions. You switch from racing gear to gentle glide. Wish, dream, and socialize in your area of interest. Rest until the end of the week, when you pop up with energy. Income efforts, shopping succeed around the month end.

Capricorn [December 22nd – January 19th]
Romance, creativity, self-expression, children, speculation, and pleasure are your best path for now. The month of May adds good luck to this path. Work remains hectic or simply wearying until the month end. Then, through mid-summer, work grows more pleasant and rewarding. A pay raise or co-worker flirtation could be in the pipeline. The four-weeks ahead heighten the heat of relationships – you’ll either feel attracted or angered. You might yearn for pure love more ambitiously this month. Dreams come true for now.

Aquarius [January 20th – February 18th]
Romance still winds through your days. A short trip or series of phone calls could bring you to someone exciting, talkative, and appealing. But another influence pulls you, like gravity, down to earth, to home, rest, family, security interests. Don’t fight this pull, it’s natural and will keep you on a smooth, productive path. Married folk are most blessed, for home comforts mingle with love, happy children, and nature’s beauties. All delays end now in finances, lifestyle changes, creative, vacation and speculative ventures. Sign papers around the end of the week.

Pisces [February 19th – March 20th]
Follow your curiosity, speak, write, travel, call, and then you’ll discover valuable details. You could run into big opportunities this month. Delays end in relationships, negotiations, contracts, relocation, career, and money zones. Make a romantic or financial commitment for now, and find the truth. You can now pin down what you’ll be paid. Your home remains fractious, temperamental for this month; then all will smooth out, affection will rush in to buoy you throughout the period ahead. Romantic passion, a gambling urge, or creative surge will fill mid-May.

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