German Students Visit PA German Cultural Heritage Center

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On 19 April, German students went on a field trip to the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center in Kutztown.

Students left the school at 9:30 a.m. and returned shortly after 1:00 p.m.

The German Cultural Heritage Center is a museum and cultural center that strives to preserve and promote the Pennsylvania German Culture.

While there, students learned about the German cultural ties in the area. They learned about the early life of Pennsylvania German settlers up to modern times.

In addition to learning about the rich German culture, they toured a house, living quarters, and summer kitchen. They also had a picnic outside for lunch.

German teacher Christine Moll and her students were lectured about Pennsylvania Dutch American history and language. In addition, one of the teachers there played the organ for them. He also talked about how important the organ is in German-American cultural history.

“Everyone there was very patriotic and proud of their heritage,” Frau Moll said. “They were very passionate about their history.”

The highlight of the day for Moll was making candles with her students in the summer kitchen. Students had the chance to be quite creative.

“We dipped a wick into hot wax several dozen times. Some students made their candles into creative shapes like twists or spirals, and some even pressed fresh wildflowers into the wax,” Moll said.

“The candlemaking was the best part,” Sophomore Michael Wamsher said. “I felt as though it was interesting how we were able to bend our candles into whatever shapes we wanted.”

The field trip was a great way for students to learn about German cultural history  in Berks County, proving that German is far from irrelevant in Fleetwood.

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