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Google Glass has many people wondering where technology is heading. It is probably the most technologically advanced item known to the public.

Google is in big competition to be at the top of the technology chain, going up against companies such as Apple and Microsoft, and they seem to be handling themselves very nicely.

With their new product, Google Glass, they are completely reshaping what technology is going to be like. Glass is a great new form of technology completely unheard of before Google decided to announce it publicly.

Google’s team started working on project glass over a year ago and recently released its new product to developers for $1,500 to be tested and for applications to be made for it. 

But what exactly is Glass?

Glass is a brand new technology Google has been working on. It puts a smartphone right in front of the user at all times and, remarkably, somehow doesn’t pose a big distraction.

It has an eyeglass frame with interchangeable clear or dark lenses, but the amazing part of Glass is what is attached to the right earpiece.

On the right side of the frame is a technology that shocks and amazes people worldwide. It runs almost the length of the earpiece and wraps over the front a little.

Glass has a little rectangular prism of glass that sits off the piece of technology and is adjusted to be right above your right eye. A screen is then refracted onto there. The screen refracted is small, but close to the eye. It gives the illusion that it is a 25 inch screen from 8 feet away. Glass also has a camera on the front, which wearers can use to take first person pictures or videos.

Many wonder how Glass is controlled. There are two main ways to control Glass at this point, with hopefully more on the way.

The main way, is by using voice. For example, users can say things such as, “Glass, take a picture” or “Glass, Google how long is the Brooklyn Bridge?” and Glass will perform whatever ask on command.

Users may also navigate through Glass by using the touchpad on the side. He or she can slide a finger forward and backward on it to go side to side, and down to go back to the home screen.

Glass has many great functions to it. The simplest includes taking pictures, recording videos, searching Google, and sending messages. What may perhaps be the most useful feature is its navigation ability. When linked to a phone, users can say , “Glass, get directions to Fleetwood Area High School.” Using Google Maps, the Glass will procure directions and put a GPS screen up on its refracting glass.

As of now, Glass is only out to those couple thousand lucky developers, but Google is hoping to start rolling it out to the public at the beginning of 2014, costing considerably less than the $1,500 it cost for the developers.

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