Senioritis Hits Hard in Fleetwood

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When the days of senior year start dwindling, most students experience senioritis.

Senioritis is something that happens when a graduated student gets accepted to college and simply doesn’t care anymore.  He or she tends not to study or do homework, and procrastinate is rampant.

Other symptoms of senioritis can be not caring about appearance, being constantly late to school, or just not coming to school at all.

I can testify to senioritis being real; for example, this article is at least a week or two late, and there is no way that it will meet the length requirement.

Once a senior gets accepted to college and the end is close, it is hard to not coast to the finish line.

Considering the first three years of high school are spent trying to get good grades for the future, once a student’s future is pretty much decided, it’s hard to see the point in continuing to work hard, so pure laziness sets in.

Senior Dan Judy who was voted to have the worst of case senioritis.

“It’s an honor to have this title.  Some may take senioritis as a negative thing, but it’s far from it.  Procrastination is an art!” Judy said.

“I’ve had my times of laziness throughout high school, but once you hit fourth quarter of your senior year, it just hits another level of laziness,” Senior Micah Storms said.

“I have been slacking off my first three years of high school, and I plan on doing nothing next year.  I have senioritis as a junior!” junior Max Fretz said.

Seniors should get good grades in the first two quarters of school because, once they hit third quarter they will become extremely lazy.

The last thing a senior wants to happen is for senioritis to completely take over and cause him or her to become ineligible or even cause not walk at graduation.

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