Final Concert for Seniors Bittersweet

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As the 2013 Spring Concert rolls around, many seniors are starting to see the end of their music career arriving.
Some are sad to see the end, and some are happy to see a new beginning.

Their love for the music department teachers is prodigious. Senior students even purchase gifts for the teachers.

On 17 May 2013, these musically talented seniors will be performing in their last spring concert.

It will be held at the Fleetwood Area High School in the auditorium. It begins at 7:00 p.m., and choir groups along with the jazz band will be performing.

In light of the year ending, senior students had nothing but great words to say about the music department instructors.

“I am sad to be leaving this high school and to be done with chorale. I will certainly cry at the concert; however, I hope to join a chorale group in college so that I may continue singing. One door shuts, and another door opens,” Amber Himic said.

“Williamson is the best teacher ever!” Tyler Lance said.

Lance did imply that he did not enjoy the concerts much but loved the class and Mrs. Williamson.

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