Tornados Devastate Midwest

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On 19 May 2013, a series of tornadoes devastated the mid-west, specifically Oklahoma and Kansas.

These tornadoes weren’t just passers-by; they were big and extremely high on the scale.

The system of tornadoes stretched from Minnesota to Texas. It was said there were heavy amounts of rain and baseball-sized hail in these states.

The main target of these tornadoes was Oklahoma City.

It was reported that there was a tornado in Oklahoma City that was the worst of this entire system. The tornado was said to be about half a mile wide, and it destroying everything in its path.

“You could be killed if you are not underground or in a tornado shelter,” The Weather Service wrote.

Oklahoma City wasn’t the only place affected by tornadoes.  Central Oklahoma is mainly where the tornadoes hit, but there were still several accounts of damage elsewhere.

There were houses ripped apart, power lines lying in the streets, and several forms of debris everywhere.  Some rumors stated citizens of Oklahoma were not warned ahead of time about the tornadoes. Some of this is true.

There are many accounts of people not being warned about the tornado. Some accounts said how there were no sirens going off.  Oklahoma does indeed have a siren that goes off when there is a tornado present, but there were nothing but thunderstorm warnings on television.

Later in the evening, the National Weather Service did put up warnings. Even Governor Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency.

There were very few fatalities with these tornadoes but a good amount of people injured. It was said that the amount of debris that was contributed from the tornadoes is going to take a while to clean up, but the citizens of Oklahoma are not heartbroken and they are not giving up hope.

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