The End of the Year Is Here

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The end of the year is rolling around, and final exams are tormenting the students of Fleetwood. Whether it’s organized studying or crammed studying, everyone is trying to prepare in some way.

Many teachers have stopped teaching for the rest of the year and now are just reviewing for the final exams. Most seniors began finals on 23 May 2013.

Seniors take their finals early so that teachers can have their final grades into the office in order to know who will graduate and who will not.

Underclassmen start taking finals on 30 May 2013 and continue up until 4 June 2013. Preparing for finals is not an easy task. The exams tend to be very long and in-depth.

“As it comes time to take the final exams, I tend to start reviewing all those papers the teachers give us. I think the final exams serve no purpose and are a waste of time. But they’re needed to pass, so I guess I will have to get over it,” senior Onyx Marshall said.

Most teachers in the school help prepare students for finals by giving them review guides and by studying during class. Most teachers will also give students a note card or paper that they are allowed to fill with information for use during the final exam. This tends to help those students who struggle.

Not all teachers allow students to use open notes or note cards with special hints. Some teachers would like to test students without the cheat sheets to see how much knowledge they retained throughout the year. Some teachers also do it to prove to students that they can achieve a good grade if they apply themselves and study.

“Once the final exams come closer, I tend to look at my grades in all of my classes first, then figure out what I need to pass. After that, I usually start going over all the materials that I have and the materials that are going to be on the final,” Chrissy Shuman said.

Finals will either make or break a student for the year. It will tell them if they are going to move up to the next grade or if they will even graduate. Final exams are not something to take lightly. Students must  study and study hard!

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