Summer Movie Season Filled with Thrills

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Not sure what to do this summer? Head to the movie theater!  From Memorial Day to the end of August, plenty of promising new movies will see a wide release.

The first big budget summer blockbuster out of the gate was Marvel’s Iron Man 3. Star Trek: Into Darkness, Fast 6, and The Hangover 3 also saw early releases.

Arguably the most anticipated film this summer is Man of Steel. This Superman reboot boasts an impressive cast (Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Amy Adams) and a team of writers already well-established in the comic book film world.  Although Superman movies have flopped in the past, this one looks promising. It will be released on 14 June.

Brad Pitt stars in the zombie thriller World War Z. This film, to be released June 21, has had a troubled production, including a bloated budget and problems with the script. Some are predicting the film to flop despite strong buzz.

Lone Ranger is another film that has studios worried about a potential flop. Johnny Depp, an actor of waning popularity based on recent box office scores, stars in this Disney Western. It is slated for a July 3 release.

Other blockbusters of note that will be released this summer include Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro’s alien invasion film; Gravity, another sci-fi thriller; and After Earth, a post apocalypse father-son actioner starring Will Smith and son Jaden Smith.

Of course, these aren’t the only films being released this summer. If big explosions and glossy fight scenes get tedious, there are a number of smaller budget indie films to check out this summer.

Before Midnight, the third film in an indie romance trilogy, has garnered universal critical acclaim.

The Bling Ring, from critical darling Sofia Coppola, is also eagerly awaited.

Also, despite receiving some mixed reviews at Cannes film festival, Only God Forgives, a thriller starring Ryan Gosling and helmed by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn (who also directed 2011’s Drive) looks promising.

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