Bale Bigger than Tottenham

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Gareth Bale is one of the best soccer players on the planet right now. His incredible pace, skills, and left foot make him one of the most lethal players alive. The Tottenham winger had an amazing breakout 2012-2013 season.

The Welsh playmaker scored 21 goals in the premier league this season for the Spurs, most of which were some very astonishing strikes. This is by far the best season that Gareth has ever endured.

“I think he is good enough to go to Madrid,” sophomore Brendan Homan said.

He has also perfected his free kick method this season, using the “Cristiano Ronaldo technique,” giving him many more goals.

Bale may be joining Cristiano in Madrid very soon, considering Tottenham failed to qualify for the Champions League once again. This would make Madrid’s already incredibly fast counterattack even faster, which is a very exciting prospect for a team that was trophy-less in the 2012-2013 season.

Now that Real Madrid has lost the chance of obtaining Neymar’s signature–he recently signed for rival Barcelona–receiving Bale’s is even more necessary for the Spanish giants.

“I hope he signs for Madrid.  He is really good, and he needs to go to a good team. This will be really good for Real Madrid too.  They could really use him,” sophomore Austin Young said.

This is a huge prospect for not only Real Madrid but for every big team in the world, but the presumed destination for the Welshman would have to be in the Spanish capitol.

Bale himself has not yet made a complete decision, still saying that he may just stay in Tottenham for one more year. Many don’t agree with this decision, considering the Spurs will not be involved in the Champions League in the upcoming season.

Nothing has been determined about the young winger’s future currently, but news concerning this matter should be released soon.

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