School Produce a Mixed Bag

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In any school’s lunchroom, food can often be considered notorious, and Fleetwood Area High School is no different. There are the generally well-liked meals, such as the cheese stixs, quesodilla, and stromboli, but, of course, there are the meals and sides and snacks that are simply tolerated or just ignored.

One example is the schools banana.  One has just as likely a chance of getting one that is fine as getting one that is rotting or has some form of black corruption.

“I get nasty bananas all the time… I unpeel them, and I am just like ‘What the heck?!'” senior Anthony Parzanese said.

 However, most students have very few complaints about the other fruits served.

“I like the oranges and apples,” Parzanese continued.

“The apples are good.  The vegetables are nasty,” Spencer Reiter said.

It seems that most school vegetables are not excessively popular.

“They’re too soggy and gross,” Lacey Greiss said. 

“I liove broccoli, but I don’t like the school’s broccoli that much,” Sarah Kilgore said.

Indeed if the vegetables are not too soggy, such as the green beans or broccoli, then they are not crisp enough like the carrots.

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