Tiger Times is the Place For Student Journalists

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Attention future journalists!

If you are looking for somewhere to write, you may be interested in joining The Tiger Times. If you don’t know what the Tiger Times is, well, it is Fleetwood Area High School’s newspaper, written by students and for students, teachers, and Fleetwood natives alike.

Students in tenth through twelfth grades may opt to take Journalism, which is a yearlong elective. Students get to choose what articles they want to write, whether they are about upcoming school events, movie reviews, opinion articles, or whatever else the student wishes. However, there are assigned articles that the student may choose to write, and if they do, they can receive anywhere from 5 to 20 extra credit points from the auction-based system by which these articles are assigned.

Students are typically given 6 in-class days to write their articles, obtain quotes, and complete any necessary research, with one day typically in the middle of the cycle where the class focuses on newspaper distribution, newspaper revision, or some other miscellaneous objective.

If simply writing articles doesn’t really strike one’s fancy and one has the right skills, one may choose to opt for the positions of copy editor, layout editor, or content editor. The content editor is in charge of selecting what articles will be put into the published paper. Copyeditors are in charge of proofreading articles for spelling and grammar errors, correcting any such mistakes, writing headlines for articles, etc. Lastly, layout editors create the layout for the newspaper that will later be published and distributed. Editors are not required to write articles, though they may choose to do so for extra credit.

“I think Journalism is a great class, but at times it can be challenging to keep up with deadlines and what not. Mr. Houp is awesome because he basically lets you write about whatever you want.  Writing articles can get a little repetitive though,” first year Journalism student Mike Norton said.

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