Reporter Bio: Christopher Russo

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RussoChris Russo is currently a junior in The Fleetwood Area High School . He was born on 23 September 1996, in Dover, Delaware. Chris joined The Tiger Times to write mainly about politics and related topics.

Russo’s musical genre of choice is, and his favorite group is Two Steps From “Hades.” Chris would like to one day attend Arizona State University and go on to become an army engineer. He is currently employed at Sheetz gas station and on a horse farm.

English teacher Zachary Houp, who advises the high school newspaper, is Chris’s overall favorite educator, which is another reason why he decided to join The Tiger Times.

Chris Russo has had many exciting adventures during his lifetime, such as leaving the country a couple of times to visit different places in the Caribbean.

Sports are not his favorite thing to watch, but every once in a while Chris enjoys watching his favorite Football team, the New England Patriots.

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