No More Hiding: School Lockdown Procedure Changes

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Changes are being made for the upcoming year. Lockdown drill procedures are being adjusted to further protect the students and faculty of the Fleetwood Area High School.

Unfortunately, most of these changes will not be revealed until further notice. The new procedure is going to be put into effect for the 2013-2014 school year.

These changes are occurring in response to the Sandy Hook massacre that occurred on the 14 December, killing twenty students and six adults. Before this tragedy occurred, the Fleetwood school board was already planning to change the procedure.

They have been studying past school break-ins to figure out how to make the school as safe as possible. With the original lockdown procedure, teachers would lock their doors and turn off their lights while the students hide somewhere where they would not be seen through door window.

The new procedure will rely more on the faculty’s best judgment. The teachers will need to decide whether they should try to leave the building or hide in their classrooms. If the intruder is far enough away from their classrooms, students and faculty are to leave the building and walk to the nearest safe area, like the stadium or the medical center. If the intruder is too close, students and faculty would need to hide and follow the current lockdown procedures.

At the beginning of next year, there will be a meeting with the students. The purpose of this meeting is to explain the changes being made to the lockdown drills. Each teacher will then have a conversation with each class in which they will explain the nearest exits to the room. Superintendent Dr. Paul Eaken hopes that, by having these class discussions, students will become more aware of where they are in the school so they will know the safest way out of the building.

Throughout next year, Eaken plans on easing the school into the new lockdown procedure. The school will practice the drill in sections, so only parts of the school are performing the drill. They will announce a scenario over the announcements describing where the imaginary intruder is within the school, and the teachers will react accordingly. By the end of the year, Dr. Eaken hopes to be performing schoolwide lockdown drills.

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